Cafe astrology january 17

This could be a good year for financial undertakings involving electronics, technology, the internet, metaphysics, and the arts, as well as group activities.

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You have a taste for the offbeat, and this energy can bring sudden or unexpected romance into your life, perhaps a scenario that feels like love at first sight. Like last year, exciting not jarring changes and new interests characterize the period ahead. You are more willing to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations this year. You are able to find creative solutions to problems now. Your personality is sparkling this year, which is sure to attract new circumstances and people into your life.

February 17th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Saturn suggests that you are likely to gain some perhaps profound new insights into your life this year. You can be especially persuasive and convincing in your communications, whether written or oral, and your perceptions are especially acute. Increased psychological awareness of yourself and others can benefit you greatly, and employing strategy in your decision making is easier than usual this year. Try to avoid coming on too strong with your opinions.

Mercury governs speech, and you will need to watch what and how you communicate. Something you write or say could lead to opposition from others. Your need to investigate and read between the lines is strong this year. Some difficulties and delays with communications are likely. Your thoughts are quite sober at times, and you should do your best to avoid negative thinking.

Saturn is square to Pluto in your Solar Return chart. This suggests a need for you to come to terms with your own powers of authority and your effectiveness. Power struggles, frustration, and manipulation are possible themes this year. You may desire change, but feel blocked by others or by circumstances. Alternatively, you may be attempting to resist change that is inevitable. Persistence will pay off in the end, and the need to adjust your expectations becomes obvious.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron and Neptune in your Solar Return chart suggests that idealistic and humanitarian goals or impulses have more significance in your life this year. You may experience an increased need for greater understanding, wisdom, and awareness, as well as increased interest in the healing arts and holistic health this year.

It may be a time during which you reconsider or revamp your personal belief system. The nine of wands is about having the courage and the resilience to cross the finish line.

Born On January 17 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

The man in the card stands on a stage, and he has set a very clear boundary behind him. He has one last wand to set in the ground, but it looks like he has taken a few hits already. The number nine represents the last challenge you must face before you reach your goal. The line of wands behind him represents setting clear boundaries for your self, and for others.

The nine of wands was the perfect card for me this week because I begin a new job next week. This week is all about tying up projects and ending the chapter on my previous position. On Sunday, the sun enters Aquarius. Aquarius is logical, but somewhat detached.

Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

This energy will help you see things as they truly are. It will help you find solutions for the greater good of others. On Monday, we have the big lunar eclipse in Leo! This could affect us for a few days, its much stronger than a typical full moon. This will bring about some unexpected events, uncertainty about the future, feeling rushed or anxious. This is going to be your final challenge before you hit your mark, just like the nine of wands. Many of you have a strong travel itch. While you have a strong need for security, you need to mix up your routines frequently or else you easily feel antsy.

You are excellent at organizing, but others may not understand your system!

Managing money is a skill. You are very resourceful and versatile, and a strong individualist. Following through on all of your ideas is something you have trouble doing, and you eventually learn that focusing on a few brings you more success. If You Were Born Today, January Multi-talented and diverse, you are an interesting person who can draw upon both creative and logical sides of the brain equally.

Others find you funny, great for advice, and extremely perceptive. Always interested in how people tick, you are a natural psychologist. Many of you hold more than one job.

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A little mysterious yourself, you need time to retreat and refresh your spirit frequently. However, you thrive in partnership. Your nature is a dual one, and you may hold down two different jobs as well.

February 17th Birthday Horoscope

You are attracted to strong and determined people. With intellect and intuition equally strong, you are a highly interesting and intelligent friend. Somerset Maugham, Virginia Woolf. If You Were Born Today, January As strong as you are at business and practical matters, you have a philosophical bent and love learning and sharing what you know with others.

You are very personable and extroverted for the most part, enjoying good company and good conversation. Financial success is likely with both your people skills and your executive ability.

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  • You are active and a true individualist. Others readily follow your cause. You age gracefully, truly growing more and more comfortable in your skin. Many of you are excellent at teaching, whether or not you do it for a living, as others readily respect you and follow your lead. As well, you are good at encouraging and motivating people. You are an especially trustworthy person. Your thinking is progressive and way ahead of your time. You have excellent instincts and generally can size up a person or a situation quickly and quite accurately.

    You are also very patient and strategic when you need to be, but you have little patience for close-minded people. You are clever and charismatic, with a flair for the dramatic. You love a good debate, friendly challenge, and stimulating conversations, and always have something unique to share. Although you seem wiser than your years while young, you have a youthful quality that is with you throughout your life. There is a gentle and caring quality about you that others love.

    While you could get away with a whole lot just because you are so easy to like, you are fair to an extreme and will always end up doing your share. Fields, Heather Graham. If You Were Born Today, January You are multi-talented and capable of practically anything once you set your mind to it.