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And thus my last creations of the passing year represent both a completion of the year and an introduction to the new year It was a lot With Saturn in Capricorn to and Uranus higher frequencies in Aries opposite my Libra-Sun I was able to focus only on the truly essential in , I reduced workshops and consultations to a minimum. Because everything manifested anew:. And of course I am also the mother of a pubescent daughter who manifested two wonderful black cats for herself this summer, enriching our family life with a new quality of joy. It was a very touching time of holding still full of inspiration that I was happy to share with you in the Sternen-News newsletter Now I am wishing you and your loved ones a blessed, light-filled and glittering time.

Today is December 13, Once more there is a lot going on these days — on the earth, within the earth and in the solar system.


At the beginning of November , the fiery energies increased again with Jupiter expansion in Sagittarius and Uranus speed in Aries. Feelings are running high — it may get noisy. Change is rolling along and becoming visible. Led mainly by — women.

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In a premiere for Switzerland two women, Karin Keller Sutter and Viola Amherd , were elected to the Federal Council, the federal government of Switzerland [Blog] , at the same time and Viola Amherd will become the first female Defense Secretary in the history of the country. Theresa May has to lead the United Kingdom as it leaves the European Union and has just survived her first vote of no confidence.

And in Tennessee the earth shook: Mother Gaia announced her presence with 4. All this is accompanied by mass protests in France. At the same time the NASA probe Voyager 2 is moving through interstellar space at 18 billion kilometers distance from the earth and leaving the inner reach of our sun.

And scientists understand: The inner reach of our star is limited [Blog]. All that is without substance anymore , all that is no longer a core competency, will fall away in , will no longer find ground to stand on. It is no longer in demand. This will be a great blessing for all of us, for in the future authenticity and humanity, connectedness and closeness will be at the center of all efforts.

Thus, a new consciousness for true values and more leisure will strongly shape the new structures that are now coming into being. In things will go smoothly wherever people are working in the spirit of mutual cooperation and welcome this natural change with its accompanying processes of letting go and complete reorganization. And it will get noisy, possibly even extremely so, when people in positions of responsibility Capricorn refuse to budge and hold on to old three-dimensional ideas of power.

And in a completely new era of humanity begins, an era that will be shaped by a technological explosion. Jupiter expansion transits his own sign of Sagittarius all year. After World War 11 finished he was posted to Korea and taken prisoner there for three years, during which his dislike of US bombing turned him towards Russia. He volunteered his services and was a valuable asset for the KGB during his MI6 time in Berlin until he was arrested eight years later. He spent five years in prison and then escaped with two other prisoners and was smuggled across Europe into Russia where he has been for nearly 55 years.

Both have Fire Water charts. The other spy of note Oleg Gordievsky, 10 October , Moscow, no birth time sadly, was a former KGB colonel who became disillusioned after the building of the Berlin Wall and invasion of Czechoslovakia and passed secrets to the British for a decade until he was uncovered by a mole within the CIA and summoned back to Moscow, but managed to escape after interrogation. Downton Abbey: The Movie has had a brilliant opening way above expectation in terms of box office.

The reviews were less effusive, talking of same old, same old and no plot.

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But the punters clearly just want familiarity and not too much nerve-stretching jeopardy. Gareth Neame, the producer who suggested Downton Abbey in the first place, oversaw its spectacularly successful television run, and was co-producer of the film, is the fourth generation of a family steeped in the cinema and TV business. Julian Fellowes, the writer of Downton Abbey, 17 August , Cairo, Egypt, is an influential and entertaining Sun Pluto in Leo; with a showbizzy Mars in patriotic Cancer square Neptune and in an exuberant opposition to Jupiter; and a hard-working, communicative Mercury Saturn in Virgo.

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His Sun is quincunx Jupiter in socially ambitious Capricorn. Not too different from the sling-them-out government response to MPs who differed from the Boris Brexit line. Though it also has a risk-taking, adventurous surge of confidence from Solar Arc Mars conjunct Jupiter also now. Tom Watson has been having a tough time, not just with internal party politics, but having backed the fantasist Nick Carl Beech who falsely alleged abuse by leading politicians.

Born 8 January , his Capricorn Sun square Mars in Libra has been heavily pressured over the past two years by the tr Pluto hard aspect. His relationship with Lansman is fairly hostile with a composite Mars Pluto, a high-tension Uranus inconjunct Saturn; and a cold Venus square Saturn.

The two Labour Party charts — 27 February and 12 February — if they hold water — show mixed fortunes on the chart, picking up more successful influences from late February till late after a discouraging and frustrating two years recently. James Gray, the director and writer, was born 14 April in New York and has several films to his credit which made it to the Cannes Film Festival shortlist.

He has a powerfully focussed chart with a Yod of Jupiter in Virgo conjunct Uranus and Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Sun Saturn in Aries — an individual who would always follow his own path.

Pluto cycle: February 26, 1988 – March 2, 2109

Yods usually need a significant trigger from transits and other influences etc to jolt them into gear. Neither is Brad Pitt in a spectacularly successful phase, see post August 30 On the relationship chart it displays as a complementary and friendly composite New Moon conjunct Venus more whole when together ; and a high-octane Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars. Ed Buck, a former male model who campaigned for animal rights, has been charged with operating a drug house and administering methamphetamines to vulnerable gay black men to manipulate them into participating in sex acts.

He was a fixture on the Los Angeles Democratic scene, having formerly been Republican when he was in Arizona. Plus the jolting tr Uranus opposition his focal point Saturn through this year and early next to upset his applecart. The 9 th is supposed to be humanitarian but its under-developed side is greed, immorality and irresponsibility.

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His 10 th harmonic — the seeds of the rise and fall, good and bad — is also notable and ruthless. He is played bizarrely enough by Sacha Baron Cohen taking on a serious role. Born 16 December 12 noon Alexandria, Egypt from memory , he stayed behind, when his family moved to Israel in , to organise Zionist activities. He was then trained in undercover work by Mossad, lived briefly in South America to establish a persona as a rich businessman, went to Syria and moved in high society, became the confidante of generals and ultimately Deputy Defence Minister.

The information he radioed back in secret transmissions was key to Israel winning the Six Day War. He was pressured by his Mossad overlords against his better judgement to return to Syria one last time, was captured, tortured and executed.