Libra february 22 weekly horoscope

But you can heighten your self-esteem by looking in the mirror and repeating three wonderful things about yourself five times before heading out the door to school.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

You can even write your affirmations down on paper to ensure your daily boost of good vibes. If you allow yourself time to acknowledge your fabulousness once a day, your self-doubts will vanish. They may be tired of having to constantly give in to your whims, and you are thirsty for your crew to embrace your adventures. Rather than huff and puff about weekend plans, find a compromise that works for everyone. Everyone can have their cake and eat it too — with a little less rigidity and more flexibility.


Just when you found your peaceful footing and all the drama from the summer has calmed down, the rug gets pulled out from underneath you again. Even if you both agree to disagree about matters, at least you have discussed the situation civilly before it reached an intense level. You may also just decide to kiss and make up.

This week, you may be inclined to start a humanitarian club at school where you assist the elderly or volunteer at Planned Parenthood. You can change the world and inspire others with acts of kindness.

Who do you love? You really need to keep yourself in check and treat yourself like the queen you are.

This will allow you to not let others walk all over you, or let your crew take your generous heart for granted. Instead of placing all your attention on other peeps, only place the importance on yourself. Put you first. Instead of having the last word, which is hard for your fiery spirit, sign off from the conversation with your ego and head held high.

Always respect and hold yourself in the highest esteem.

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

Until then, be proud of your composure. Your hungry heart is hankering for tender affection from your crush. However, your scorching hot sentiments may be left out in the cold — even turning into popsicles from their icy chill. Instead of taking their mood personally, make some major relationship changes.

You have a tendency to give all your time and energy to your partner. October 23—November 21 Fear of success may be holding you back from your dreams. November 22—December 21 You may be experiencing blocks, causing frustrations in your artistic vibe. January 20—February 18 You are feeling extra sassy this week, which is forcing you to express your sentiments by shooting straight from the hip.

Libra employers generally make good bosses but wow, when those scales go down, they so, so go down. Dating is of primary importance to Libra. Your Weekend love horoscope is updated every Friday and gives forecast of the next seven days of emotional and romantic activity.

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