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All of these wise words struck right home to my heart — thank you! Charlette Epifanio says: Jan 30, Reply. Ami says: Jan 30, Reply. Such potent words…so eloquent and valuable. Thank you as always. Xx Sioux. Susan says: Jan 30, Reply. Vhalle says: Jan 30, Reply. Carin Knight says: Feb 2, Reply. All my love to you and yours. Love is all. All is well. David says: Jan 30, Reply. Thank you! Marie says: Jan 30, Reply.

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Such an empowering set of sharing… with much gratitude x. Grateful for your sharing… bliss-ings. Sharmini says: Jan 30, Reply. Thank you for such beautyfull readings. Carin SpottedEagle says: Feb 2, Reply. Carin SpottedEagle. Cathy says: Jan 31, Reply. Love reading and feeling the excitement that you share!

Deep Divine Love and Light! Grace says: Jan 31, Reply. Beautiful and powerful words. Thank you once again for sharing. Blessed be! JR says: Jan 31, Reply. Whoa Man. Emery says: Jan 31, Reply. Heart shared! Sammi Jane says: Jan 31, Reply. Sarah says: Jan 31, Reply. Blessing to you all!

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May this sweet divine light bring love to the spirits of humanity. Aire serv says: Jan 31, Reply. Also, your spouse or current love may stress you. Most probably because of problems and stresses they are going through, rather than because of problems in your relationship with them. Love life receives some stress during this Lunar Eclipse. Take the opportunity to heal them. Good relationships become stronger and better after such situations.

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The problematic ones, though, can end. Unpleasant as this may be, it is a good thing. The enjoyment of life, the enjoyment of your money, the appreciation of both and the idea of death can also be some lessons this Lunar Eclipse is trying to teach you. All these can come in an unpleasant way, but, learning these lessons will surely make your life a more fulfilling one.


As the Lunar Eclipse happens in your axis, it affects you more than the previous Solar Eclipse. Love life receives much stress, now. If you are in a relationship, there may be some problems there. Whatever the case, though, grasp this opportunity to solve these problems. Of course, if the relationship itself is a problematic one, to solve these problems the relationship may end.

What January's Lunar Eclipse Means For Every Sign

On top of the problems in your relationship, though, the loved one may be facing some problems on their own and need your support and encouragement. Therefore, if you cherish your relationship, be ready to offer those to them. If you are a single, the idea of love and the relationship you want to acquire can change a bit, or the desire to have this relationship may force you to move forward. Finally, work receives some stress, too. In most cases, though, nothing too much for you to handle, there. Health, both physical and psychological, receives much stress under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse.

If you are already facing problems there, they may become more pressing and demanding. A change in your treatment, or of your doctor can also happen. If you feel you need to force these things to happen, then proceed carefully, and receive proper advice. The way you see things is not necessarily the best. If you have no such issues, reduce your dangerous and unhealthy habits and support your well being in every possible way.

Work, also, receives some stress. Things there can become a bit chaotic and disorganised. Work changes can also happen. In most cases, though, this will be a good, even if a stressful, event. Wednesday, October 09 What happens to each and every zodiac sign? Astrological Daily Predictions. Tuesday, October 08 Monday, October 07 You might be interested in Astrological Daily Predictions. Being at the very start of a new year, this solar eclipse can be affirming for the year ahead.

According to Astrology King while a new moon cycle's influence can last for up to four weeks, a solar eclipse's can last for up to six months which is some serious energetic significance. The year 's first eclipse comes with creative power. If you've had your own business on the mind, the first six months of might be the most supportive time to focus your energy on your ventures.

Astrology King writes, "It is ideal for creative, musical and artistic projects and encourages acts of kindness and charity. With integrity and good intentions, it is possible to build your little project into a big business. Later in the month we're confronted with a total lunar eclipse on Jan. Described as a full moon, only stronger, experiencing strong emotions can be expected. It's all about how we digest the emotions and move forward with them, morphing them more into opportunities.

According to Astrology King, "a total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. It's a time to evaluate those relationships that surround you and decipher what works from what is bogging your energy down. Because is all about staying profoundly positive and surrounding yourself with a supportive squad!